Engine Overhaul and Repair Division

We have a specialized Engine Overhauling and Repair Division for Offshore, Marine and Oil & Gas sector. Routine Diesel Engine Overhauls, Repair and Maintenance is one of the core services of CTS Offshore and Marine.

  • Generator Service & Repairs | CTS Offshore and Marine Limited Services
  • Generator Service & Repairs | CTS Offshore and Marine Limited Services

Our team consists of skilled engineers and mechanics with shipyard, OEM, and sea going experience of working on a wide range of Diesel Engines. With deep engineering and technical skills, we are able to quickly assess the requirements and get down to completing the job. As an engine specialist, we service and repair a wide range of Diesel Engines. Routine maintenance and major repairs on all major makes of main and auxiliary engines are our specialty.


  • ON-SITE Repair and Maintenance

    CTS Offshore and Marine is present in 7 locations around the world, from there we service our clients worldwide. Our depth of resources allows us to mobilize diesel engine teams anywhere in the world to respond to any type of requirement fairly quickly.

    Performing routine overhauls, troubleshooting performance issues or undertaking the diagnosis and restoration of a catastrophic engine casualty is what we do every day.

    We also handle new installations and retrofits

  • Trouble Shooting

    Our job often starts with trouble-shooting the root cause of major failures. In this case, there are few companies in the world, if any, that can diagnose, plan and execute restoration from a catastrophic failure all with its own resources like CTS Offshore and Marine.

    The depth of our capabilities in diesel engine service makes us truly unique in the market today.


  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Lube Oil Consumption
  • Drastic Cut Down on Breakdowns, thereby Reducing Cost of Very Expensive Stoppages
  • Reduced Spare Parts Cost, due to Better Engine Maintenance
  • Training to ship’s crew on various steps, and impart much needed practical training to crew
  • Peace of Mind