Inspections & Surveys

CTS undertake an extensive range of surveys, inspections and audits.

Our global presence allows us to survey and inspect vessels and facilities anywhere in the world. We have one of the best teams of inspectors worldwide that can meet all your ship/offshore facility inspection requirements.

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  • NDT Inspections & Surveys | CTS Offshore and Marine Limited Services


  • UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement)
    Hull inspection survey
    URS, CAP and CAS surveys
    Steel renewal estimation
    Steel repair plan
    Steel repair supervision
  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
  • LPT (Liquid Penetrant Testing)
Note: We also provide services such as RT (Radiographic Testing), Eddy current and UT (Ultrasonic Testing) through our associate vendors.


CTS Offshore and Marine also provides surveys to verify the overall condition of your asset to procure you with accurate reports.

  • Electrical surveys, Ex-surveys and endoscopic surveys / Thermography inspections
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Condition monitoring and vibration analysis
  • Pre-purchase and class record inspections
  • Vetting / Audits
  • Boiler surveys


CTS offers this proven cost and time efficient alternative method to conventional access systems allowing you to reach areas which would be otherwise inaccessible, impractical or unsafe. We provide you with the most skilled and qualified rope access technicians using advanced roping techniques.

Rope Access benefits:

  • Safety – Safe and easy to manage
  • Cost – Cheaper than conventional techniques
  • Speed – Work completed faster – Quick and efficient to set up
  • Disruption – Minimum of disruption
  • Environment – Environmentally friendly technique


  • To save money, using our “ROPE ACCESS” teams to carry out visual inspection, UTM jobs, MPI, LPT, coating inspection, video relay among other things,
  • To benefit from our complete, high quality UTM services (steel estimation /repair plan /supervision – CAP/CAS/URS surveys),
  • To control the integrity and reliability of your asset through our experienced teams,
  • To ensure the quality and safety of your operations wherever you are
  • To avoid expensive repair costs and downtime
  • To estimate steel deterioration in the next 5 years, so owners may decide / budget on asset up-gradation.