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Resulting from a merger with Blue Sea Star Marine Consultancy, CTS commercial (trading name for CTS Offshore and Marine Limited (UK)), will handle commercial shipping activities.

CTS commercial is composed of a team of highly motivated brokers with many years of experience in dry cargo market, servicing direct clients, both owners and charterers. Our services are client-based and are focused around the requirements of each of our particular clients. We strive to serve the interest of our customers to the best of our professional knowledge and abilities.

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Our full commercial management services package includes: ship broking, chartering, shipping consultancy & research, Post-fixture support, sale and purchase (S&P), bunkering services, insurance and claims handling services. By providing a full commercial management service package, our aim is to add value to our client’s activities through cost saving & efficient operations and timely attendance to vessel’s commercial & operational matters.


We cover most types of dry cargo vessels including Hanysize, Handymax, Supra max, Panamax & Capesize bulkers. Our key ship broking and chartering services are:

Surveying the market for open vessels and available cargoes at any given time and place, worldwide. Advising our principals on the suitability of such vessels or cargoes as the case may be. Locating and estimating the best available employment for any particular ship, advising trade returns in order to help our clients to make an informed decision.

Providing accurate and up-to-date information about freight rates, charter hire, vessel availability and market conditions. Full market coverage and regular reporting. Charter party negotiations and regular advice on how a particular negotiation is taking shape. Making our best endeavour to safeguard the interests of our principals in every main terms and charter party negotiations.

Having completed a fixture, our ship broking/chartering department hands over the entire file to our post-fixture department. In this case, it is their responsibility to follow the course of the fixture from then onwards, unless the advice of our chartering broker is required. Our post fixture department ensures all communications between the parties are forwarded correctly and promptly deals with the issue and signing of charter parties. Ensures that the freight or hire amounts are duly paid out and follows up any fixture out-standings. It would also ensure that our own company’s commission is duly invoiced and paid.
We provide full S&P services including, keeping constantly in touch with our principals for any requirement to either sell or purchase of a second-hand vessel from another owner, providing ship valuations and repair estimates for our principal’s fleet and finding suitable buyers for our principals’ vessels, keeping in touch with present market conditions in the new building, second hand and scrap markets and advise our principals of any anticipating development in market condition.
The concept of value-added service prompted the formation of our shipping consultancy and research department. The main task of our consultancy and research department is to collect, process, maintain and analyse data on shipping related matters. Fleet statistics, market specific statistics, trade statistics and market reports are some of the items provided by our shipping consultancy and research department.

This department also provides a very valuable support service for our shipbrokers who can give our principals much more thorough and complete information. Furthermore, if any of our clients want to enter a particular market or trade, our shipping consultancy and research department undertakes specific tailor-made studies for such client.

Through our association with bunker suppliers/ traders worldwide, we are able to arrange timely and most effective deliveries of any type of bunkers, at any ports around the globe with most competitive prices and affordable terms and conditions for payment. Negotiate credit facilities for our clients with our regular bunker suppliers/ traders. Co-ordinate vessel bunkering operation with bunker suppliers, masters, port agents and bunker agents worldwide. Provide regular global bunker price and market reports to our principals.
We purchase insurance products on behalf of our clients through associated companies worldwide under competitive terms and conditions. The risks covered are the normal trading insurances, protection and indemnity insurance (P&I) cover, hull and machinery insurance (H&M) cover, increased value, war risk cover, loss of hire and/or trade disruption insurance, piracy kidnap and ransom (K&R) cover, freight, demurrage and defence cover (FDD), strike, delay in delivery, crew personal accident, cargo, cash on board, bunkers, certificate of financial responsibility and drug seizure risks cover.

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