Remember the first Beast from the East around February – March 2018? All that snow? Well it made a comeback at the end of 2018 during the BorWin’s voyage from Dubai’s DryDocks World to the jacket in the North Sea some 130km off the shore of Germany. Clearly, not only did this imposing yellow cube have to battle the challenging weather (not to mention the heavy lift vessel Xiang He Kou that had to navigate the hostile conditions) but so did the entire workforce sailing with the asset.

BorWin gamma topside in fog

Here at CTS we are proud of all the offshore force that were away from their families and endured the harsh weather, and we are jubilant that no harm was caused. Due to the safety of those sailing and the integrity of the asset being compromised because of the weather, precautions had to be taken that caused delays to the delivery schedule. Though, admirably, the whole team remained steadfast and committed to the goal while accommodating the extra safety procedures.

CTS project preparations continued while project teams eagerly awaited the arrival of the BorWin to commence the full scope of works on a turnkey basis on this challenging and refreshing project.